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Angela Schmidt


Alaska Film Archives | Elmer E. Rasmuson Library

The Alaska Film Archives holds more than 10,000 Alaska films and videos available for viewing and use by patrons and researchers.

Items in the collection span from professional productions to amateur home-movies, made in and about Alaska from the earliest days of filmmaking through today. These moving images unveil transformations that have taken place across the state during the course of the past century, covering such topics as Alaska Native cultural and subsistence activities, gold-mining, hunting and fishing, aviation, dog-mushing, floods and fires, landscapes and wildlife, earthquakes, the military, political debates, Statehood celebrations, the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, parades and festivals, and family life in communities large and small from across the state.

Since its establishment in 1993, the goals of the Alaska Film Archives have been to locate and collect film and videotape pertaining to Alaska through donation, to document the regions and dates of each item, to catalog and make items available for viewing, and to store original materials under controlled environmental conditions.